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The Triple Bottom Line is good for our Mental Health

Profound Sustainability is an educational model and consulting service that designs and supports projects at the intersection of mental health and environmental sustainability.        

"The Triple Bottom Line" (TBL), often called the "Integrated Bottom Line," captures an expanded spectrum of values and criteria for measuring organizational (and societal) success: economic, ecological and
social.  Also known as "People, Planet, Profit", it is a term that has been adopted by the United Nations and provides a comprehensive view of true success in the 21st Century.

Widespread implementation of environmentally sustainable practices, technologies, and education will be crucial to the creation of a triple bottom line world.  As we enter into a deeper global environmental crisis, our need for fundamental changes and restructuring becomes imperative.   Social equity, environmental sustainability and economic profit are the ends and means by which to solve much of the widespread "dis-ease" that we see today.

Profound Sustainability provides dynamically-oriented consultation to corporations and policy makers addressing the human factors that get in the way implementing an integrated bottom line.

Profound Sustainability works on addressing:
1) The ways in which the implementation of a integrated bottom line can be a treatment unto itself, in that it is a process that can provide an increased sense of emotional containment, mastery,  hope and resilience.
2) Finding the way to address climate change on a large scale.
3) How access to nature is a necessity for children's mental health and learning potential.
4) How anxiety and terror about environmental degradation are worsening global mental functioning and leading to a rise in mental illness.
5) Rethinking "Garbage", both internal and external.
6) "Composting Anger", "Composting Trauma", and "digesting" other difficult emotional states.

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